Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Louis XVI, Rosebank, Johannesburg

I was all ready to review Louis XVI, honest I was. And then at lunchtime one day last week I used the gents' loo in the TA Centre, which is the weird building on Jan Smuts Avenue where the restaurant is located. You know: where Thrupps used to be. (And had to fight and argue with the security guard before he would let me have the key... The TA Centre also has the dodgiest ever hairdresser - the size of Harrods, about 12 hairdressers' chairs, and never a single customer. I mean that, quite literally, I have never seen any customers in there, which does make me wonder in my cynical way how they manage to pay the rent.)

The TA Centre courtyard

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As I finished peeing, out of a lavatory cubicle, to the accompaniment of flushing, emerged a man in chef's whites and a blue apron. He walked straight out of the gents and entered a door just down the corridor, which appears from the layout of the ground floor to be a sort of back door into Louis XVI.

And didn't wash his hands.

So I skipped Louis XVI.

Louis XVI
160 Jan Smuts Avenue
South Africa

Telephone: (011) 447 6244

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, though haven't tried this restuarant.

    Have you tried the restuarant at the Monarch in Rosebank?

    Sides Restaurant Ten Bompas has a new autumn menu - would you be interested in reviewing it?